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Welcome video:

Thank you for becoming a member of the Need A 1000 Project!

Here is a quick thank you from us for becoming a part of our gang!

If you want to read about why we have decided to create the Need - A - 1000 project then check out our Blog here which will tell you all about it!

Watch the welcome video and then check out all the cool stuff we have for you and learn about what future goodies and events you can look forward to!

Homemade Songs

Homemade Songs Vol 1 Cover.JPG

Here is the first of 4 EPs which will be released every quarter in 2019. We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we enjoyed recording them.

The first track Next Year was written in the early hours of new years day a few years back and perfectly sums up what we are trying to achieve with our NAT Project!

vOL 1 lIVE video

Check out some live performances of your new Free EP!

Free Sampler

EP Sampler Cover.jpg

Why not invite a friend to the gang by teasing them with this Free Sampler!

Feel free to pass this Dropbox link to a friend you think might like what we are doing!

coming soon…


Some of the highlights on the way:

  • More live videos of tracks from Volume 1.

  • First look at out House Gig Video.

  • Special offer on our Remastered EP Collection.

  • Cover Song Video.