Deep Down At The Bottom Of It All EP (2017)

Very kind words from Paul McGee at Lonesome Highway:

Deep Down… appeared in 2017 and the unifying impression across both recordings is the excellent harmony vocals, coupled with guitar and mandolin, as these six songs continue to build upon the progress made by this talented duo. Baby I’m On My Way is a positive message and both Harder To Say Goodbye and These Dreams Of You are strong examples of song-writing that resonates after the songs have ended. Right Time has a good tempo and some great harmonica while closer, Guess It’s Better Late Than Not At All, slides along at a quiet pace and leaves you wanting... just one more. An act to watch out for.

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Tales From The Fish Tank (2015)

Super nice words from Will Murphy at The thin Air:

How good Country music is considered to be is typically based off one of two things: songwriting ability or the author’s authenticity. For the most part, it’s music meant for working men and women, those forgotten or left behind by society and longing for a return to some former clarity. If you look into the annals of great country music, an almost exaggerated number of its greatest heroes fit this mould to a tee; so it only makes sense that any individual or group that can capture that sense of sadness tinged with bitter optimism while having the appropriately solid tunes to back them up are duly rewarded. Listening back to the latest EP from Dublin’s Americana-loving, former fishermen folksters, The Needables, it’s hard not to hear both those fronts being consistently and thoroughly delivered in spades.

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