Down by the water

Hi everyone,

Hopefully you have had a chance to take a look at our latest video. We had a great time recording it, very relaxed and chilled few hours down by the water at a beautiful setting with our good friend Alan Cahill behind the lens doing what he does best.

We wanted to get something together visually that made sense with the EP title 'Tales From The Fish Tank' and also gave the song a chance to just breathe without any fancy light shows or intricate storylines. Don't get me wrong we love these types of videos but this song just wouldn't be suited to it. We had some different ideas but in the end we knew a good setting was the key.

The video was filmed out in Lucan along the canal and was so beautiful don't be surprised to se us there again for more work!!

In addition to the hard work of Alan we also invited our newest Needable relative, Lucian, to snap shots of us as we made the video and the outcome was fantastic. See below just a few of the great shots he got.

We hope you enjoyed the video and we have plenty more on the horizon for you too!

Keep it country