Tales about 'Tales'

So what do you get when you wrap your ears around our latest offering –

Bringing It Home -  Something we tried to do on this record was to record the kind of songs that best shows The Needables sound. Our first EP was made up of songs we wrote before officially starting the band and it was kind of a ‘chuck em together and see how it sounds’ type record where this one is much more the sound of The Needables. This song was the first track where we felt ‘ that’s it, that’s the sound we want’. Don’t get me wrong we are very proud of our first EP but there was no direction with the writing just songs that we thought were the best to record.

Oh Chicago – Everyone needs a happy place and that’s exactly what this song is all about.  Probably the most gentle song on the list and we hope you enjoy it as much as we love playing it. It was one of those quick songs to record and to try over think it and add lots of fancy instrumentation around it would actually just end up taking away from core of the songs and we felt it was best played as you hear on the record….maybe we will release a special 7” live version with a 9 minute guitar solo but for now this is what we have to offer!

You Won’t Cry – This was written just before recording and the song we probably had most hopes for. The problem is this nearly always means it’s the song you struggle with most to get right. And this was no exception! We had everything recorded for it and it all sounded nice but there was a little something missing. So Floyd put down the mandolin track  just to see what it might sound like and that was the point it started to turn for us. Everything fell into place after that and after many head against wall moments suddenly we had caught the sound and atmosphere to the song that we wanted. A wise man once said “I love it when a plan comes together”

Its Better Forgetting The Things You’ve Done – This is my favourite song Floyd has ever written so it took a lot of convincing for me to let it go on this EP as I really wanted it on our Debut Album but we just felt if would fit perfectly in this EP so I gave in! We recorded it a few different ways but ended up going back to the original recording as it caught the emotion best from all the versions tried.

Rainy Day Blues – Well we are Irish so only right that we have a song about Rain! This was our charity single for The Laura Brennan Trust and somehow this ickle song managed to knock Nathan Carter off the top of the ITunes Country Charts!  This song probably ended up a lot different than the one that was in our minds when it came to recording it but I love how it turned out. The electric guitar sound driving through the song is a personal favourite.

When We Lost Ya – A song about death (uplifting way to finish the record!) This is the only time in all the years playing together that Floyd does not play an instrument on the song, I guess I had to give him a break sometime! We are really happy with how this turned out as is often a set finisher as well as EP finisher for us.

Don't forget to pick up your copy at Whelans on 19th June 2015 att our official luanch party