Why we do what we do

Sometimes trying to get your music heard can be tough and through the years we had to accept that one door open probably resulted in four closing at the same time. That’s the beauty of an Independent Artist. So why after all these years keep doing it? Simple, it’s too much bloody fun not to!

When Floyd and myself started this journey we were teenagers ready to change the face of rock & roll, but so was everybody else!! But it was that naive 'nothings gonna stop us now' that you needed to survive all the years. Looking back at it I laugh at some of the choices we made but you had to get burnt to learn the do's and dont's!

So now we are both in our thirties with families and mortgages and all the trimmings but we still hold that little child in us that wants to change the world...just on an extremely smaller scale!!! We recently played our first house gig and it was a real moment of clarity after all these years to why we do what we do. a small tent out a back garden, couches and a homemade stage filled with 15 or so people that soaked up and got involved with every note and word we made. We even had gale-force winds attempting and failing to ruin the night! There was no need for a famous venue, no fear of having to pay and fill it. No fear of whether such and such would turn up. Just the two of us doing what we love and finding new friends that wanted to hear us play. This is exactly why we do it. Exactly why we write songs. It’s even why we play the cover gigs to make the bit of extra cash to let us concentrate on the original work and survive in this little world.

We love it, it’s as simple as that!