A Stormy Night

For a long time we have been talking about doing a house tour but not actually doing anything about it. Finally we have now taken the first steps into this world with our first house show last week.

So how did it go...

Bloody brilliant!! We knew our kind house givers Fiona & Amy would be incredibly welcoming but as we arrived outside their door there was a moment when we looked at each other and wondered can we pull this gig off. But then we entered their house and like Alice entered our own wonderland!

Walking through the house you could feel an atmosphere that made us feel at ease immediately. Walking out the back we met everyone around a BBQ and open fire and big rugs...this was a very cool house. However that was just the beginning...light bulbs lit up the garden from above leading to a marque kitted out with our very own stage and couches for everyone to sit around for the show...I wondered would there be a chance of a residency!!

The gig itself turned in to an open conversation between songs, almost VHI story tellers like and not even a mid-song storm trying its best to blow over the whole marque could dampen the mood! The set up amazing but we still needed a willing crowd to play to and good god did we find one. From people playing out of tune beer bottles to knocking over beer and having a 'Z' in their name it was one crazy gang :)

The night quickly turned from playing to strangers in someone's house to an intimate evening with friends. If this is what house gigs are about then sign us up!!!

So a massive thank you to everyone that was there and I hope we now have new members in our Needables family.

A special thank you to Fiona and Amy who fed and watered us and made us feel so comfortable...and of course to Bam Bam who must have been suffering for days with sugar withdrawals!!!