Liz Lawrence Gig Tales

So Liz Lawrence support last Wednesday. We arrived in to Whelans for the sound check and Liz was on stage finishing her own. What hit us there and then was the beauty of the harmonies between her and the twin brothers, Harry and Fraser. Add to that them being incredibly nice folk, we ended spending the night drinking and telling random favourite kind of nights!

Of course a night can't go by without me embarrassing myself and this time it was on the poor poor sister of Liz Lawrence. Deciding to play a game of 'Wheres Liz' during our set I directed the audience to Liz by the pillar only to realise after the gig it was her sister! I wondered why Liz looked so anxious when I said it!! She forgave me eventually!!

As for us it was my first outing on the mandolin which I took up last month...nervous as hell but I think I got away with it! Our first two songs where brand new (one being the mandolin song!) so it was great to give them an airing. The crowd was fantastic so if you where there thank you for your support. We hope to have made some new friends for our Needables gathering and see you soon.